Meet the Team

At Swift Ridge Eventing, our staff take pride in making sure you have an enjoyable experience. We invite you to meet our talented team of individuals below.

Erin Kellerhouse – Head Trainer

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Erin’s obsession for horses started at a young age when her parents bought her a pony for her fifth birthday. The pony ended up being slightly green for a 5-year-old, taking off and dumping her on a regular basis, but this started Erin out on the path to becoming an Eventer. When Erin was fourteen, she got a 6-year-old Thoroughbred off the track named Swift Ridge. Erin took “Swifty” off the track all the way up to the one-star level, where he retired in 2003.

In 2004, Erin Kellerhouse leased a 16-stall barn, five paddocks and one pasture from KingsWay Farm. Years later, Swift Ridge Eventing has flourished and Erin is known across California both as an elite rider and trainer.

Erin is known for her natural talent with horses and ability to start and train youngsters into proven stars. Horses in training at Swift Ridge Eventing, as well as clients of Erin’s, are frequently recognized atop the United States Eventing Association leaderboard, a testament to the program she has established.


Erin believes in developing a solid foundation as well as putting together a unique plan to fit the needs of any horse or rider. Her goal for both clients and horses is to provide a path of consistency and success, regardless of level. This goal is achieved through dedication, hard work, and consistent training both on the flat and over fences.

Erin currently competes a variety of horses, from inexperienced lower-level horses to upper-level mounts competing internationally. Regardless of level, Erin believes each horse and rider she coaches deserves her utmost attention and an atmosphere that they enjoy being a part of daily.

Whitney Tucker – Assistant Trainer

Whitney and Chavez RavineWhitney tucker has worked for Erin since 2005 as her assistant. Her amazing work ethic, organizational skills and ability to juggle just about anything that comes her way make her an invaluable part of the Swift Ridge team. Whitney competed her horse Maserati up to the Intermediate level and now competes her own Chavez Ravine successfully at the Preliminary level. Erin does not know what she would do without Whitney and relies on her for countless assistance every day!

Donna Weinberg – Dressage Coach

image-5Donna has been working with Erin on her dressage technique and skill for over 10 years. She teaches students at Swift Ridge when Erin is out of town and helps with warm-ups at shows. Donna has evented through Training level and competed with notable success in Dressage. Her feedback on the ground as a trusted set of eyes is something each member of Swift Ridge relies on to achieve success. Donna’s ability to explain opportunities for improvement is paramount as she takes the time to focus on the individual needs of every horse and rider.

Amy Gentile – Working Student

amy and parfaitAmy joined Swift Ridge as a working student in 2015, and she also works for Point Two Air Vests and leases Erin’s horse Parfait. They are successfully competing together at Training level. Amy is a huge asset to the Swift Ridge team as she is extremely detail oriented and never stops working to make improvements around the barn!




Gabby Thompson – Working Student

gabby thompson and beresfordGabby joined the Swift Ridge team in 2015 and has proved to be an invaluable asset. Gabby has competed through the Preliminary level and is a natural rider with a lot of feel and a great work ethic.